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Oslo University Hospital (OUH) is Norway’s largest. It has a regional function for the inhabitants in the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority, and it also has a large number of national functions. It is also a local hospital for parts of Oslo's population. The Hospital is responsible for the majority of medical research and education of health personnel in Norway.

The Department of Pathology is the largest pathology department of the country and has 50 consultants and 20 residents. The department is located at three different locations and is organized in diagnostic subgroups with responsibility for particular organ areas within the field of pathology. The department covers all different types of biopsy material and resection specimens, and received 66 000 histological specimens in 2019. It also analyzed 15 000 cytological smears, reported on 13 000 molecular analyses, 4 700 flowcytometric examinations, 1 000 EM analyses and performed 350 autopsies. The department performs high-quality research within several research areas and publishes 120-140 scientific papers yearly in international journals.

The University of Oslo (UiO) is Norway's largest research and educational institution. The Faculty works for progressive education, research and dissemination for the patients’ and society’s best interests. It is organized into three basic units and had in 2018 1925 employees (1191 work years) and 2189 students.

A permanent position as Senior Consultant in diagnostic hematopathology is available at Department of Pathology, Oslo University Hospital. The position is affiliated with a part time position as Adjunct Professor SKO 9301 /Associate Professor SKO 1011 (20 % position) in Medicine (pathology) at the Institute of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo (UiO). It is required that the position holder attends to both positions.

The diagnostic Unit of Hematopathology comprise seven consultants. The hematopathology group received ca. 5 000 samples in 2018/2019 (including material from lymph nodes, bone marrow and tumor tissue) and perform state-of-the-art diagnostic work including advanced flowcytometric and. molecular analyses.

Qualification requirements
  • Extensive experience in  hematopathology diagnostics including histo- and molecular pathology
  • Knowledge of flowcytometry is preferred, but not mandatory
  • Good oral and written English skills
  • Satisfactory oral and written skills in one of the Scandinavian languages (Norwegian/Swedish/Danish) or in English. In case of none or very limited skills within a Scandinavian language,  participation in a Norwegian language course and hereby achieving a satisfactory level of communication in order to perform tasks and function in a professional matter, is required. 
Personal qualities
  • High degree of responsibility, accuracy and flexibility
  • Medical doctor with specialization in surgical pathology
  • PhD or equivalent amount of research publications
Education level
  • Academy college / University
We can offer
  • Opportunities to work in a large and specialized department
  • A socially and professionally stimulating environment
  • Organized member of one of the best pension plans in Norway
Miscellaneous info
  • Start date for employment: 2021/2022
  • Applicants have to apply through the hospitals electronic webcruiter in order to be considered for the position, and Oslo University Hospital will communicate with candidates through e-mail.           
Regarding the  part-time academic position at UiO:
For a complete job description with qualification requirements and basis of evaluation on the academic position please see (copy and paste the link in Firefox if there is any problems with assessing the link): UNIVERSITY OF OSLO (uio.no) 

Applications for the academic part-time position must include:
  • Cover letter and CV
  • Complete list of publications
  • Separate list of 10 most relevant publications to be evaluated specifically for the position (please send these publications attached in full text versions).
  • Overview of experience in supervising PhD candidates, including names of the candidates, period of supervision, information on institutions and dates for the presentation of the theses, as well as specific information regarding experience as main- or co-supervisor for each candidate, https://www.med.uio.no/om/jobb/veiledninger/form---phd-candidate-supervision.odt 
  • Description of  qualifications regarding administration, leadership, teaching and foreign language skills
  • Other relevant qualifications
Please scan and send the documents as PDF-files (maximum 2 MB / file).
See guidelines for designing the application, information for applicants, rules for appointments to Associate/Adjunct Professorships as well as rules concerning pedagogical skills: http://www.med.uio.no/om/jobb/veiledninger/index.html 
Enquiries about the application process related to the part-time position should be directed to:
  • Head of Research at the Department, Professor Frode Jahnsen, +47 23071444/ +4793261235 or email: f.l.jahnsen@medisin.uio.no 
  • Human Resources Advisor at the Institute of Clinical Medicine, Karoline Berg-Eriksen, e-mail: Karoline.berg-eriksen@medisin.uio.no
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