Automatisk varsling av relevante stillinger eller personlig bistand i jakten på din neste jobb.

Kort om arbeidsgiver

Oslo University Hospital is a workplace with good opportunities for professional and personal development. In order to meet the challenges of today and the future, we need skilled and committed employees. We are developing a workplace that looks after patients, relatives and employees. Through this, we can live up to our strategy, “We crate the treatment of tomorrow together with the patients”

Do you want to become a part of our team and work with anaesthesiology Malawi, Africa?

Anesthesiologist to Malawi, Senior Consultant leave or project financed (3-7 months)

Department of Global Health holds the administrative responsibility for Oslo University Hospital global health collaboration projects. Currently the department coordinates health projects in Malawi, Ethiopia, South Africa and India. The department supports Low- and middle income countries (LMIC) to educate health personel locally through international exchange cooperation. Through exchange, partners transfer competencies, knowledge, and skills in their field of healthcare, across cultures. Department of Global Health aims to support establishment of competence centres through strong partnerships.

The Blantyre-Oslo Surgical and Critical Care project between Oslo University Hospital and Queen Elisabeth Central Hospital (QECH) are looking for a consultant and specialist in anaesthesiology with broad experience within critical care management and anaesthesia, for engagement in Blantyre, Malawi. The consultant will contribute to further develop competence, skills and knowledge, primarily by supporting and guiding the anaesthesia registrar training. This will include clinical bedside working and supervision and additionally theoretical teaching. Focus areas will depend on both the applicant preferences and expertise and the required needs at the Department of Anaesthesia, QECH.  

The project receive external financial support through the Norwegian Agency for Exchange Centre (Norec). The duration of employment is three to seven months. You will be based in Malawi for the majority of the assignment. The remaining time is set aside for preparation and follow-up work, including relevant training.


  • Achieve increased provision of safe anaesthesia and intensive care through the development of anaesthesiologist education and training in Malawi.
  • Establish solid working and teaching routines at QECH that;

-Safeguard good learning climate.

-Ensures theoretical and clinical progression.

-Focuses on the College of Anaesthesiologists of East, Central and Southern Africa (CANECSA) curriculum.

-Focuses on both hospital (departmental) and patient management.

  • Organization and structuring of daily work.
  • Participate in development of procedures and routines.
  • Direct clinical patient work must be expected.
  • Contribute to planning and follow-up of learning needs in the ICU and operational theatre.
  • Administrative work for the project and the Global Health Department.
  • Incorporate new knowledge into Oslo University Hospital.


To succeed in this position you must have:

  • Publicly approved anaesthesia specialist authorization.
  • Relevant practice of at least 2 years duration.
  • Relevant clinical experience with general anaesthesia and intensive care medicine.
  • Preferably with solid clinical experience with regional anaesthesia.
  • Preferably with experience in working with and or in Low and middle income countries or humanitarian work.
  • Desirable with experience from supervision and implementation.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.

Personlige egenskaper

We see it as an advantage if you also have:

  • Excellent collaboration skills and good ability to share knowledge, experience and information.
  • Good ability to work in a team.
  • Good ability to build cross-cultural networks and relations.
  • Strong ability to take initiative and responsibility for results achievement. Strong ability to work under pressure. 

Vi tilbyr

  • Internal and external training before departure and upon return.
  • A safe workplace with good colleague support.
  • As a new employee in Oslo University Hospital, you become part of a new employee program.
  • Good opportunities for professional and personal development.
  • You become part of an important social mission.

Why should you apply?

  • Meaningful: You will be part of the global collaboration of Oslo University Hospital and Queen Elisabeth Hospital in Malawi.
  • Effect: You will help to establish sustainable healthcare services in a Low and Middle-Income country.
  • Career: You will gain expertise from work in a Low and Middle-Income country.
  • A great place to work: You will work in a multicultural environment with hard-working and dedicated colleagues, with a strong culture of collaboration and continuous improvement

Oslo University Hospital is a workplace with diversity. We believe that this is crucial to solving the tasks required of us. We therefore want this diversity to reflect the applicants for our positions and encourage everyone to apply, regardless of who you are and what background you have. As part of the Norec strategy of youth participation, we encourage young applicants to apply. 

Automatisk varsling av relevante stillinger eller personlig bistand i jakten på din neste jobb.
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