Kort om arbeidsgiver
About the position
The Department of Paraclinical Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) has a vacant three year Post Doctoral–position related to microbiology and antimicrobial resistance.
The position is part of the CORNELIA-project; Antimicrobial Resistance in One Health Interfaces. In CORNELIA we will study how the development and dissemination of AMR take place between bacteria that belong to humans, animals and the environment. Our research questions are based on the fact that wastewater, sludge and manure constitute a melting pot for interactions between such different bacteria. These interfaces are well suited for the selection and spread of new resistance determinants, which will be transferred to soil and water and potentially recycled into the food chains.
The consortium will develop a scientific basis and strategies for a potential national monitoring program for AMR in the environment, as a parallel to the existing surveillance programs in humans, animals, and food.
CORNELIA is funded by a research grant from the Research Council of Norway, and is a collaborative project between NMBU, University of Tromsø, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Norwegian Institute for Water Research, Oslo University Hospital, VEAS wastewater plant, Sustaintech AS and Blueshift AS.
The position is available from September 1, 2021 and until the end of the project period on July 31, 2024.

Main tasks
  • The postdoctoral fellow will mainly work with workpackages 1 and 4 of CORNELIA: 1) Occurrence of AMR in environmental interfaces, and 4) Address basic questions essential for development of surveillance systems.
  • She/he will, however, be a full member of the CORNELIA team, and will also contribute to other workpackages as these are quite integrated.
  • In WP1, the main tasks will be to design a joint sampling regime for CORNELIA, develop sampling protocols, analyze for resistant bacteria and extract DNA.
  • In WP4, the main tasks will be to describe existing initiatives regarding environmental surveillance of antimicrobial resistance and to suggest a framework for collection, handling, storage and analyses of samples from aquatic and soil interfaces. This work will be done in close collaboration with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

The main purpose of the post-doctoral position is to qualify for work in high-level scientific positions.
Required Academic qualifications:
  • PhD in environmental, medical or veterinary microbiology
The following experiences and skills will be emphasized:
  • Experience in working with pathogenic bacteria
  • Good communicative and collaborative skills
  • Scientific writing
  • Motivation
  • Social skills
  • Ability to work both independently and in teams
You need to:
  • Have laboratory skills in microbiology
  • Master English written and orally
Remuneration and further information
The position is placed in government pay scale position code 1352 Postdoctoral Fellow, wage framework 24 salary grade 59-77 NOK 526.000 -744.600, depending on qualifications.
For further information, please contact professor Yngvild Wasteson, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, NMBU. E-mail: yngvild.wasteson@nmbu.no; phone +47 47024964
general Information to applicants

To apply online for this vacancy, please click on the 'Apply for this job' button above. This will route you to the University's Web Recruitment System, where you will need to register an account (if you have not already) and log in before completing the online application form.
Application deadline: 25.04.2021
Up to ten publications selected by the applicant as most relevant must be attached to the application. If it is difficult to identify the contribution of the applicant in multiple-author publications, a short explanation about the applicant’s part of the work is suggested.
Printed material which cannot be sent electronically should be sent by surface mail to Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, P.O. Box 5003, NO-1432 Ås, within 25.04.2021. Please quote reference number 21/01860
Applicants invited for an interview will be asked to present verified copies of diplomas and certificates.
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