A position as consultant in Department of Radiology, Section of Neuro Intervention, Rigshospitalet is vacant for appointment as soon as possible.
Our Section of Interventional Neuroradiology at Rigshospitalet is one of the biggest centers in Northern Europe. Interventional neuroradiology is performed by a dynamic team consisting of 4 chief physicians and 1 staff specialist in training. We perform treatment of aneurysms, arterial venous malformations, fistulas (cranial and spinal), embolization of tumors, stentings, trombectomies a. o.
The function was initiated in 2005 and the activity has been increasing ever since, with about 500 diagnostic investigations and about 500 interventions.
Section for Neuro Intervention is equipped with two Bi-plan, flat panel angiography equipments.
The Departments responsibilities and field of work
Department of Diagnostic Radiology consists of 450 employees at respectively Blegdamsvej and Glostrup and as well functions on Hvidovre Hospital and Bispebjerg Hospital.
The Department of Diagnostic Radiology provides diagnostic services to Rigshospitalet, to other hospitals in and outside the Capital Region of Denmark, to the hospitals of Greenland and The Faroe Islands.
The Department cooperates with all inpatient and outpatient departments and has all modalities regarding conventional radiology, ultrasound, MRI- and CT-scanning, mammography, including screening, neurointerventions and cardiovascular interventions.
The Department is fully digitalized with RIS and PACS.
Section of Neuroradiology is primarily handling neuroradiological examinations, including CT, MRI and neurointerventions. Section of neuroradiology cooperates mainly with department of neurosurgery, department of neurology and department of head and neck surgery and performs all neuroradiology and neurointerventions for other clinical departments at Rigshospitalet.
In cooperation with the other chief specialists in the section of neuroradiology the applicant will be responsible for conferences, investigations, research and development regarding the responsibilities of the sector.
The applicant must be a specialist in diagnostic radiology and independently be able to perform neurointerventional diagnostic and treatment. It is a requirement to take part in the 24-hour shift together with the rest of the neurointerventional team.
The applicant has as well to be experienced in common neuroradiology diagnostic, including MRI and head and neck radiology.
The Department of Radiology offers access to education in Danish in case of that the applicant does not speak a Scandinavian language.
Education and research
We emphasize that the applicant is experienced in education and research, with the intention to be able to take part in education of post-graduate specialists, research and development.
On-call shift 24/7.
There is no out function duties.
The position refers to the head of Department of Radiology and in daily work to the neurointerventional team leader.
Application should be addressed to The Center of Diagnostic Investigations and sent by e-mail. The assessment of the applicants' professional qualifications will be based on the applicant's information on his or her own competences in each of the 7 areas of competence, "Medical expert, Collaborator, Communicator, Manager and Administrator, Academic, Health Promotion, Professional"
We must receive the application no later than 29th of September 2020.
The application should include specialist authorization, curriculum vitae and list of publications.
Salary and terms of employment
The employment follows the collective agreement for consultants between Capital Region of Denmark and The Association of Consultants.
Additional informations
Additional information concerning the position can be obtained from chief physician Trine Stavngård (Neurointerventional teamleader) e-mail: trine.stavngaard@regionh.dk.
Jobdescription can be obtained from Secretary for the Head of the Department of Radiology Zasja Ahmad, e-mail: zahm0007@regionh.dk.
About the Centre of Diagnostic Investigation
The Centre of Diagnostic Investigation comprises a collection of highly specialized departments: Diagnostic radiology, clinical biochemistry, pathology, clinical immunology, clinical physiology/nuclearmedicine and PET, clinical microbiology, clinical genetics, center of genomic medicine. 
The center has a staff of 1.600 and an annual turnover of 1 billion kroner. The center produces annually 10 mill. laboratory analyses and performs 650.000 image diagnostics based on 1 mill. contacts with patients and donors. The core task is high-level research, strong educational environments, customized diagnostics and patient treatment. 37 professors and other researchers provides annually more than 500 scientific articles in international reputable journals.
Region Hovedstaden
Section of Neuroradiology
Navn: Trine Stavngård
Tittel: Neurointerventional teamleader
E-post: trine.stavngaard@regionh.dk
Navn: Zasja Ahmad
Tittel: Secretary for the Head of the Department of Radiology
E-post: zahm0007@regionh.dk
Department of Diagnostic Radiology
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