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A permanent position as Senior Consultant (100 %) in Nephrology is available at the Department of Nephrology, Division of Medicine, Oslo University Hospital. The position is affiliated with a part time position as Professor SKO 8013 (20 %) or Associate Professor SKO 1011 (20 % position) at the Division of Medicine (Nephrology) at the Institute of Clinical Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo (UiO). It is required that the position holder attends to both positions.
Regarding the full-time position at Oslo University Hospital
The Department of Nephrology at Oslo University Hospital (OUH), Ullevål provides treatment for adult patients with chronic and acute kidney disease as well as follow-up of transplanted patients. Patients are referred to the department from various other medical institutions. The department treats patients with long-term follow-up of chronic kidney disease including renal transplanted patients, rare autoimmune kidney diseases, diabetic nephropathy, hypertensive kidney disease and severe hypertension when needed. The department includes a large ambulatory renal clinic, peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis facilities, and there is a follow-up of patients treated with dialysis at home and in nursing homes. Doctors in the renal department are frequently consulted from other departments, such as geriatric, general internal and surgical wards, and intensive care units, to assist with renal patients with different kidney disease and severe hypertension. This is the departments homepage:
The health workers from Department of Nephrology work closely with colleagues from the transplant unit in OUH, and other hospitals in the Health Region South-East. There are monthly renal biopsy conferences together with the Department of Pathology. Educational seminars are frequent for staff, younger physicians in training and graduate students. The colleagues are affiliated in research groups (nephrology, hypertension and nephrocardiology), with currently several ph.d students ongoing with research projects, and several grants have been achieved also currently. There are currently a professor II position in vacancy, in addition to present associate professor and clinical research fellows with educational duties, i.e. lectures, ward rounds and in general of training of medical students the 3rd and 6th year at medical school.
There are 9 Senior Consultant positions at the Department, 5 doctors in training and 57 nurses. There are 14 beds in the ward. Number of ambulatory patients includes 150 chronic dialysis patients and more than 7000 outpatient consultations every year.
The applicant is expected to take a leading position clinically as well as scientifically within one or more of the sections’ fields of expertise.  

  •  The working tasks will be allocated according to applicant qualifications and department needs
  •  The applicant must participate in the ordinary clinical work at the department
  •  Contribute to maintain and develop a highly qualified research environment
  •  The applicant is expected to contribute to training of clinical fellows, run courses and participate in quality improvement routines.
  •  The applicant is expected to participate in the on-call duty of the department.
Qualification requirements  
  •  The applicant must possess a Norwegian specialist accreditation in internal medicine and nephrology
  •  The applicant should have broad experience within the fields of nephrology

Personal qualifications
  • Personal qualifications
  • Working efficient and conscience fully
  • Personal qualifications of the applicant, including documented collaborative skills, will be important.
  • Patient management involves empathic communication skills at a high level towards patients and their families.
  • Documented language skills in Norwegian or a compatible Scandinavian language is required.
We can offer 
  • We offer good opportunities for professional development in a great working environment with highly dedicated and skilled co-workers at a university hospital with unique access to leading expertise in many clinical and supporting medical subspecialties. The Department continuously aims to enhance the quality of the service through recruitment of applicants with particularly valuable expertise.
  • Salary level for the position will be negotiated according to standard protocols.  

Regarding the part-time position
For complete job description with qualification requirements and basis of evaluation on the academic position please see:

Applications for the academic part-time position must include
  • Motivation letter, CV and copies of diplomas and certificates
  • Complete list of publications
  • Separate list of 10 most relevant publications to be evaluated specifically for the position (please send these publications attached in full text versions).
  • Overview of experience in supervising PhD candidates, including names of the candidates, period of supervision, information on institutions and dates for the presentation of the theses, as well as specific information regarding experience as main- or co-supervisor for each candidate:https://www.med.uio.no/om/jobb/veiledninger/form---phd-candidate-supervision.odt
  • Description and documentation of qualifications regarding dissemination, administration, management and foreign language skills
  • An educational portfolio, providing a total and systematic presentation of the applicant`s educational and teaching qualifications  
  • Description and documentation of qualifications regarding research planning and research management
  • Other relevant qualifications

Please scan and send the documents as PDF files

See guidelines for designing the application, information for applicants, rules for appointments to Associate/Adjunct Professorships as well as rules concerning pedagogical skills: http://www.med.uio.no/om/jobb/veiledninger/index.html

Contact person Senior Consultant position OUH: Head of Department Aud Stenehjem, tlf 22 11 92 51, uxaust@ous-hf.no

Contact person Associate/Adjunct Professorship position University of Oslo: Head of Research Division of Medicine, Professor Dan Atar, tlf 22 11 80 80, dan.atar@medisin.uio.no

Enquiries about the application process related to the part-time position should be directed to Human Resources Advisor at the Institute of Clinical Medicine, Tone Tverfjell, t.i.tverfjell@medisin.uio.no  
Oslo universitetssykehus HF
Navn: Aud-Eldrid Stenehjem
Tittel: Head of department, Department of Nephrology
Telefon: +47 22119251
Navn: Dan Atar
Tittel: Head of Research, Division of Medicine
Telefon: 22118080
E-post: dan.atar@medisin.uio.no
Department of Nephrology, Division of Medicine, Oslo University Hospital and University of Oslo
Kirkeveien 166
0450 Oslo
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