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Description of the subject area: The subject covers physiological, pathophysiological and therapeutic studies of the kidneys with focus on kidney diseases.

Duties: Research, teaching, and administration. Teaching includes course responsibility, course administration and supervision of doctoral students. It also includes following developments in the holder’s own subject and the development of society in general. One third of the position will consist of clinical practice as a specialist physician at the Uppsala University Hospital.

Qualifications: A person who has demonstrated both research and teaching skill shall be qualified for employment as a professor (Chapter 4, Section 3 Higher Education Ordinance). According to the Appointment Regulations (AR) for Uppsala University, a general eligibility requirement for teachers is that they must have the personal characteristics required to perform the duties of the post well (Section 5 AR).

Research skill must have been demonstrated by independent research work and by the fact that the applicant’s activities maintain a high international and national standard. The applicant must have demonstrated skill in planning, initiating, leading, and developing research, have demonstrated the capacity to obtain research funding in competition, and demonstrate well-documented skill in supervising third-cycle students. The applicant’s contributions to the international and national academic community must be assessed on the basis of, among other things, the quality and scope of their academic publications in publishing channels most relevant to the subject. Requirements for international merits must be assessed on the basis of the character and specific circumstances of the subject.

Teaching skill must have been demonstrated by educational and teaching qualifications (see Section 23 AR). Furthermore, the applicant must demonstrate well-documented skill in supervision in the first, second and third cycles. A prerequisite for having demonstrated teaching skill is that applicants have completed teacher training for higher education of relevance to operations at the University, comprising at least ten weeks, or have acquired the equivalent knowledge. If special circumstances apply, this training for teachers in higher education may be completed during the first two years of employment. The teacher training must also include third cycle supervision. The applicant must have a documented ability to teach in Swedish and English. If special circumstances apply, applicants who are unable to teach in Swedish are expected to acquire this ability within two years.

A Swedish licence to practice medicine and specialist skill in medical kidney diseases are required to apply for this position. If the applicant is not entered onto the Swedish Specialist Register, they must have submitted an application for entry onto the Swedish Specialist Register to the National Board of Health and Welfare by the application deadline for the relevant position. If the person offered the position also meets Uppsala University Hospital’s requirements for employment as a consultant, the applicant will be offered employment combined with the position of consultant.

Assessment criteria: In the assessment of more than one qualified applicant, research skill will be assigned greater weight than teaching skill. Clinical skill is also significant to the position and will be assigned weight.

In assessing research skill research quality is the prime consideration. The scope of research, primarily in regard to depth and breadth, must also be afforded consideration. Furthermore, consideration must be given to the capacity to plan, initiate, lead and develop research and education in the third cycle, the ability to acquire funding for research in competition, as well as the demonstrated capacity to interact with others both within academia and in the wider community. See also Section 3 of Guidelines and Assessment Criteria for Recruiting and Promoting Teachers at the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy (GA) and Section 21 AR.

In assessing teaching skill, teaching quality must be the prime consideration. The scope of teaching experience, in terms of both breadth and depth, must also be afforded consideration. Furthermore, consideration must be given to the capacity to plan, initiate, lead, and develop teaching and instruction, as well as the ability to connect research to teaching in respect to research in the subject at hand, subject didactics, as well as teaching and learning in higher education. The ability to interact concerning issues of teaching and learning in higher education with actors inside and outside the University is also included in teaching skill. See also Section 4 GA and Section 23 AR.

Clinical skill is demonstrated through clinical work and clinical training as well as participation in clinical developmental work. Among other things, clinical developmental work involves efforts to improve or rationalise health care and medical care. See also Section 25 AR.

When the University appoints new teachers those applicants must be selected who, following a qualitative holistic assessment of their competence and skill, are judged to have the best potential to carry out and develop the relevant duties and to help advance operations.

Administrative and leadership skill are significant to the position and will be assigned weight. The ability to collaborate with the surrounding community and to inform the public about research and development will be considered.

Leadership skill is demonstrated through the ability to lead operations and employees, make decisions, assume responsibility and motivate and provide others with the conditions necessary to attain common goals. The ability to coordinate the group and contribute to generating commitment, participation and job satisfaction and the ability to manage conflicts are further examples of demonstrated skill. See Sections 30-31 AR and Section 5 GA.

According to the Appointment Regulations, administrative skill is demonstrated, for example, through the capacity to plan, organise and prioritise work in an efficient and task-related manner, as well as through the ability to assign and observe time frames. Skill includes overall operational planning and the capacity to manage resources in a way that reflects operational priorities, as well as the ability to work in a structured manner based on an awareness of goals and quality. See Sections 28-29 AR and Section 5 GA.

Collaborative skill is significant to the position and will be assigned weight. According to Section 6 GA, the following apply: When assessing collaborative skill, experience with and skill in education and outreach, editorships and other activities related to knowledge exchange between the University and the surrounding community, as well as experience with innovation and entrepreneurship, shall be of significance.

The applicant's parental leave, part-time work relating to care of children, or the like, will be regarded as qualifying work experience.

Uppsala University strives to be an inclusive workplace that promotes equal opportunities and attracts qualified candidates who can contribute to the University’s excellence and diversity. We welcome applications from all sections of the community and from people of all backgrounds.

Your application should be written in English. In the event of any disagreement between the English and the Swedish versions of this announcement, the Swedish version takes precedence.

Appointment regulations for Uppsala university

Guidelines and assessment criteria for recruiting and promoting teachers at the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy

Career Portfolios: Instructions for compiling qualifications and guidelines for qualifications assessment in connection with recruitment of teachers

Salary: Individually negotiated salary.
Starting date: As agreed.
Form of employment: Permanent.
Activity: 100 %

For information about the position, please Contact: Eva Tiensuu Janson, Dean of Faculty (eva.tiensuu_janson@medsci.uu.se, 070-1679318), or Lars Rönnblom, head of Department (lars.ronnblom@medsci.uu.se, 070-1679437)

Please submit your application no later than 25th November 2019, UFV-PA 2019/2130. 

Please do not send offers of recruitment or advertising services. Applications must be submitted as described in this advertisement.
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